About US

"A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind."

IESolution is a dynamic organization dedicated to the development of industrial and academic projects in various streams of technology. Started by a group of engineers with a passion for technology makeover and a vision to build a technology enterprise. We are the premier provider of Industrial Training, Project Training, Industrial and Technical assistance, Research and Development across India.

Our organisation is based on people, process and technology, working in complete alignment towards a high degree of customer satisfaction. IESolution is India’s one of the leading Development and Training Company, engaged in providing Software, Embedded Hardware and training solutions to corporate, educational institutions and individuals. We help transform our customers business by bringing greater flexibility, faster time to market, technical excellence and lower cost to their door step. We are a well-trained and motivated talent pool working cohesively to deliver solutions based around a proven global delivery model to clients across the globe. We guarantee uncompromised customer satisfaction through our highly motivated team, which holds direct stake in company’s success. Regardless of industry , our wide expertise in Product Design, Software Development, Technical Training and Support make us a partner of choice for challenging projects.

The strength of IESolution is its top expert and experienced masters meticulously chosen to maintain the best standards. Objective of academic projects based on IEEE and other international institutions to deliver the expedient resolution to the most challenging profession, enhancing the success of the students to discover the route that will lead to the best outcome. From the past 10 years we have been preparing our major clients including students and faculties, coveted Engineering Colleges, R&D institutions, Start Ups and a number of other prestigious institutions across the country and even globally to engage with tomorrow and uphold the values of reliability, integrity and excellence.

We are committed to meeting or exceeding all your expectations. Our strength and value lie in our ability to help you succeed by focusing your ideas, your needs, and your strategic directions.


Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our students, based on commitment, pride, accountability and quality.

We strive to be the most honest and ethical mentor of choice by involving students, teachers and our professionals in the process to improve quality service in every aspect.


IESolution position as one of the best centre for industrial assistance and academic projects through unique approach, timely materials, and dynamic & results oriented processes.

Empower professionals by giving employability and a space to explore their core competency which incorporates attitude development, goal setting and nurturing the skills into a process that results in greater utilization of their potential inherent and guide the world to the technological makeover.

Professional Ambience

IESolution is professionally managed by young and well-qualified entrepreneurs.

We develop skilled Professionals to meet the universal market needs.

Our training programs focus on enriching the technical expertise in students.

This in turn makes them eligible to compete with the current fast growing technologies, methodologies, and the latest trends.

We will be recognized by the world to be the best and the most innovative trusted solution provider in the markets.

Quality Assurance

“We are committed to quality and excellence in all our endeavors."

Assisting our students in the development of their projects by combining unique technical innovations with impeccable quality standards and exemplary result oriented service committed to student’s success, to set an unmatched bench mark in Research & Development.

Our distinctive style combines the best practices of project management and software engineering, advanced tools for development, and recognized, industry accepted quality model.

Technical Training

IESolution training program acts as a knowledge base and facilitates great Technical trainings in various technologies.

Our real time experienced professionals train the students on the latest technologies with a blend of real time knowledge and implementation strategies.

We make available industrial assistance, Training and expedient work resolution to the most challenging problems to meet the industrial needs and custom specifications.

IESolutionis an experienced group of professionals committed to support your performance development.

Excellent Career

We strongly believe that the most important asset in an organization is its people and so we are committed in developing this single most important asset.

We clearly define the job profile for the candidates to realize their career paths.

We ensure that they receive the best possible on-the-job training and mentoring.

We regularly review the performance of each personnel through various quality programs and also invite industry personnel’s for providing updated knowledge in current technology.

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