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IESEMA-0062 A Low Cost Single-Phase To Three-Phase Power Converter For Low-Power Motor Drive Applications
IESEMA-0057 A Modular Active Front-End Rectifier With Electronic Phase-Shifting For Harmonic Mitigation In Motor Drive Applications
IESEMA-0072 A Transformerless High Gain Switched-Inductor Switched-Capacitor Cuk Converter In Step-Up Mode
IESEMA-0074 An Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Based On Zeta Converter Fed From A Pv Array
IESEMA-0078 Ann Based Induction Motor Control System In Five Level Multi Level Inverter
IESEMA-0067 Comparison On Luo And Ultra Luo Converter For Power Factor Correction In Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0049 Design And Experimental Implementation Of Discrete Duty-Cycle-Control Method For Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives With Model Predictive Solution
IESEMA-0064 Developing Electric Drive With Adaptive Algorithm For Soft Switching Between Frequency Converter And Three-Phase Mains
IESEMA-0083 Fault Identification In Three Phase Induction Motor Using Artificial Intelligence
IESEMA-0050 Generalized Dtc Strategy For Multilevel Inverter Fed Im With Constant Inverter Switching Frequency For Automotive Applications
IESEMA-0070 High Power Factor Converter For Led Drivers Based On Isolated Cuk Topology
IESEMA-0068 Implementation Of A Fuzzy Logic Controller For A Bldc Motor
IESEMA-0086 Implementation Of Active Common Mode Filter For Induction Motor Driver Fed Three Phase Inverter
IESEMA-0088 Improve The Performance And Control Technique Of Ac Induction Motor Using Model Predictive Algorithm
IESEMA-0058 Low Cost High Efficiency Solar Three Phase Induction Motor
IESEMA-0066 Modeling And Evaluation Of Modified Sepic Converter Fed Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0063 Photovoltaic Pumping System Using Svpwm Based Induction Motor Drive With A High Gain Converter
IESEMA-0069 Power Factor Correction Based Hybrid Resonance Pwm Fed Bldc Drive
IESEMA-0065 Pv-Hess Fed Bldc Driven Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter
IESEMA-0059 Quasi Z Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive
IESEMA-0087 Reduction Of Current Ripple And Fault Tolerance In Induction Motors For Electrical Vehicle Application
IESEMA-0071 Regenerative Braking Of Bldc Motor Using Fuzzy Control For Electric Vehicles
IESEMA-0085 Speed Control Of Switched Reluctance Motor With Artificial Neural Network
IESEMA-0060 Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor By Using Voice Command Via Bluetooth
IESEMA-0073 Steady State Analysis Of Dual Switched Boost Inverter
IESEMA-0055 Universal Restart Strategy For Scalar (V/F) Controlled Induction Machines
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