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IESAT-0006 Automated Vehicle Tracking System For Two Wheelers
IESAT-0003 Automatic Speed Control Of Automobiles Using Micro Controlled Disc Brakes
IESAT-0012 Immobilizer For Two Wheeler Using Hydraulic Brake Cylinder
IESAT-0009 Overload Avoidance In Two Wheeler And Maintain The Stability Using Ignition Control Module
IESAM-0001 Performance Improvement Analysis Of Bldc In Automobile Application
IESAT-0010 Pre Collision Technology In Vehicle
IESAM-0004 Security And Safety System Of Keyless Bike Enhanced With Iot And Biometric System
IESAT-0007 Self-Drive Car Enhanced With Mobile Application
IESAT-0002 Semi Automated Parking Assist
IESAM-0008 Smart Safety Bike For Bike Riders Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESAT-0013 Stair Climbing Trolly
IESAT-0005 Voice And Pre Collision Technology Based Smart Bike Enhanced With Android Application
IESAM-0011 Voice Based Vehicle On/Off System Enhanced With Android Application
IESMECH-0101 Air Compressed Vehicle
IESMECH-0165 Android Application Based Robot
IESMECH-0111 Android Controlled Solar Grass Cutting
IESMECH-0105 Automated Wheelchair Control Using Android Application
IESMECH-0108 Automatic Agriculture Multi Machine Using Android
IESMECH-0087 Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism
IESMECH-0102 Automatic Bumper And Braking System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
IESMECH-0109 Automatic Cement Mixing Machine
IESMECH-0099 Automatic Clutch And Brake Control System
IESMECH-0093 Automatic Driver Seatbelt
IESMECH-0103 Automatic Dual Wiper System
IESMECH-0169 Automatic Escoliosis Leg
IESMECH-0025 Automatic Gear Changing Using Pneumatic Cyclinder
IESMECH-0154 Automatic Reverse Gear Mechanism
IESMECH-0096 Automatic Seat Belt With The Help Of Actuator
IESMECH-0168 Automatic Speed Breaking System
IESMECH-0001 Automatic Welding Router
IESMECH-0107 Automatic Welding Router Control System
IESMECH-0114 Avoiding Fire Accident
IESMECH-0162 Brake Failure Indication System
IESMECH-0063 Chairless Chair To Reduce A Floor Space
IESMECH-0140 Coal Mining Robot With Mechanical Arrangements
IESMECH-0060 Coconut Dehusking Machine
IESMECH-0160 Controlling The Relay Using Embedded
IESMECH-0079 Design And Analysis Of An Intelligent Vehicle System
IESMECH-0026 Design And Fabrication Of Angle Holding Double Jaw Vice
IESMECH-0052 Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Blackboard Duster
IESMECH-0027 Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Braking System In Hill Station
IESMECH-0028 Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Door Closer Using Mechanical System
IESMECH-0029 Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Rain Water Saving System
IESMECH-0049 Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Side-Stand Retrieval System
IESMECH-0048 Design And Fabrication Of Double Piston Single Connecting Rod
IESMECH-0030 Design And Fabrication Of Food Press Hand Wash Machine
IESMECH-0062 Design And Fabrication Of Geneva Paper Cutting Machine
IESMECH-0137 Design And Fabrication Of Hover Craft Over Load Lifting System
IESMECH-0031 Design And Fabrication Of Hydraulic Press
IESMECH-0032 Design And Fabrication Of Internal Grinding Wheel Attachment On Lathe Machine
IESMECH-0094 Design And Fabrication Of Magnetic Levitation To Prevent The Earth Quake
IESMECH-0045 Design And Fabrication Of Magnetic Shock Absorber
IESMECH-0033 Design And Fabrication Of Motorized Gate Valve
IESMECH-0034 Design And Fabrication Of Multisaw Cutting Machine
IESMECH-0095 Design And Fabrication Of Pneuimatic Air Vehicle
IESMECH-0078 Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Bumper System To Reduce The Severity During Collision
IESMECH-0035 Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Can Crusher
IESMECH-0036 Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Centre Punch
IESMECH-0037 Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Hammer
IESMECH-0038 Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Vice
IESMECH-0047 Design And Fabrication Of Quick Lifting Jack With Gear Arrangement
IESMECH-0039 Design And Fabrication Of Rocker Bogie Mechanism For Step Climber
IESMECH-0040 Design And Fabrication Of Sand Ramming Machine Using Rack And Pinion Mechanism
IESMECH-0041 Design And Fabrication Of Sheet Cutting Machine
IESMECH-0050 Design And Fabrication Of Solar Seed Sprayer Machine
IESMECH-0042 Design And Fabrication Of Swing Electricity Generation System
IESMECH-0074 Design And Fabrication Of Treadmill Car For Disabled People
IESMECH-0073 Design And Fabrication Of Turbo Supercharger For Two Wheeler
IESMECH-0159 Design And Implementation Of Relay Operation Using Ultrasonic Sensor
IESMECH-0051 Design And Manufacturing Of Seed Sowing Machine
IESMECH-0061 Design Of Geneva Wheel Based Auto-Roll Punching Machine
IESMECH-0043 Design Of Line Following Robot
IESMECH-0046 Design Of Rack And Pinion Mechanism For Power Generation At Speed Breakers
IESMECH-0097 Drainage Cleaning Robot
IESMECH-0148 Dual Electromagnetic On & Off Timer
IESMECH-0088 Dual Fuel System For Two Wheeler
IESMECH-0145 Electrical Bike Dual Hub Motor Driver Wiring And Assembly
IESMECH-0146 Electrical Bike Hub Motor Driver Wiring And Assembly For Four Stroke Engine
IESMECH-0144 Electrical Bike Hub Motor For Bicycle
IESMECH-0077 Electro-Magnetic Steering System To Reduce Impact Load During Head On Collision
IESMECH-0053 Foldable Bicycle
IESMECH-0163 Forward/Reverse Control Of Wiper Motor
IESMECH-0066 Friction Stir Welding Of Aluminium Alloys For Automotive Application
IESMECH-0070 Fuel Cell Technology In Two Wheeler
IESMECH-0155 Fuel Tank Control And Highway High Speed Control
IESMECH-0113 Hand Braking Using Limit Switch
IESMECH-0112 Hand Braking Using Proximity Sensor
IESMECH-0104 Highway High Speed Detection And Control System
IESMECH-0072 Hybrid Vehicle For Physically Challenged People
IESMECH-0147 Hybrid Vehicle Using Cycle Assembly With Dc Motors
IESMECH-0071 Increasing Performance And Efficiency In 50Cc Engine By Using Diffusers
IESMECH-0044 Intelligence Braking System In Slope Condition
IESMECH-0056 Kinetic Energy Recovery System In Bicycle
IESMECH-0161 Load Control Using Ldr Sensor
IESMECH-0085 Magnetic Field Applied To Pipeline To Improve Fuel Efficiency
IESMECH-0054 Mixer Using Continuously Variable Transmission
IESMECH-0068 Modeling And Analysis Of Composite Semi Electrical (Elliptical) Leaf Spring
IESMECH-0055 Pedal Operated Dual Pump To Increase The Efficiency
IESMECH-0075 Performance Analysis Of Manganese Coated Piston In Di Diesel Engine
IESMECH-0089 Performance And Characteristics Analysis Of Premixed Charged
IESMECH-0057 Pneumatic Driven Vehicle
IESMECH-0064 Prevention From Submerging Of Vehicle In Water Bodies
IESMECH-0156 Railway Crack Detection And Controlling The Movement Of Train
IESMECH-0081 Rear Side Collision Warning System In Four Wheeler
IESMECH-0084 Reconditioning And Retrofitting Of Car With Fuel Level Sensor
IESMECH-0067 Repair And Reconditioning Of Material Handling In Automobile
IESMECH-0080 Selective Catalytic Reduction In Diesel Engine
IESMECH-0149 Single Electromagnetic Air Compressed Vehicle
IESMECH-0106 Smart Safety System In Vehicle By Using Eye And Speed Detection And Braking
IESMECH-0082 Solar Powered Air Conditioner For Passenger Car
IESMECH-0171 Steam Monitoring
IESMECH-0170 Strat Buckling Test Machine
IESMECH-0086 Structural And Thermal Analysis Of A Modified Disc Brake Rotor
IESMECH-0091 Study And Analysis Of Lubrication System With Different Fuel Additives
IESMECH-0076 Study Of Constant Torque For Electric Motor In A Electric Vehicle At Variable
IESMECH-0090 Study Of Rocker Bogie With Double Lambda Suspensiton System
IESMECH-0092 Study Of Thermal And Heat Flow Analysis Between Engine And Transmission
IESMECH-0083 Synchronization Of Engine Power For Electric Vehicles
IESMECH-0002 Tcp Wireless Controller (Mobile Graine)
IESMECH-0065 Tool Design Modification And Cylinder Head Line Efficiency Improvement
IESMECH-0158 Trash Collection With Rf Controll Boat
IESMECH-0059 Tree Climbing Robot
IESMECH-0058 Two Axis Paint Spraying Machine
IESMECH-0069 Use Of White Steel In Frame To Reduce Corrosion And Increase Strength
IESMECH-0157 Vibration Analysis For Two Wheelers
IESMECH-0098 Wear Indicator In Brake Shoe With Auto Adjuster
IESMECH-0164 Window Closing Motor
IESSP-0001 Automatic Beverage Vending Machine Using Programable Logic Controller
IESSP-0005 Automatic Bottle Filling And Labeling Machine Using Plc
IESSP-0008 Automatic Dual Axis Crane Control System Using Plc Controller
IESSP-0004 Automatic Fuel Management System For Domestic And Industrial Application
IESSP-0010 Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Using Plc Controller
IESSP-0002 Plc Based Automatic Backage Sorting Machine For Industrial Application
IESSP-0007 Plc Based Automatic Guided Vehicle
IESSP-0009 Plc Based Automatic Industrial Timer Control System
IESSP-0003 Plc Based Automatic Metal Separation Convayer
IESSP-0006 Plc Based Voltage Frequency Drive
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