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IESIP-0097 A Cognitively Motivated Method For Classification Of Occluded Traffic Signs
IESIP-0109 A Real Time Object Recognition And Counting System For Smart Industrial Camera Sensor
IESIP-0172 A Real Time Setting A Picture Password Authentication Using Matlab
IESIP-0071 Accident Detection In Highways By Face Tracking With Sound In Matlab
IESIP-0143 Adaptive Eulerian Video Processing For Heart Rate Abnormalities Detection In Matlab
IESIP-0107 Adaptive Eulerian Video Processing Of Thermal Video: An Experimental Analysis
IESIP-0181 Advanced Electronic Laboratory Robot To Help Engineers Which Choose Resister And Capacitor
IESIP-0157 Agricultural Improvement From Plant Health Monitoring Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0190 An Efficient And Novel Approach For Early Diagnosis Of Retinal Diseases From Fundus Images Using Matlab
IESIP-0124 An Intelligent Light Tracking Missile Using Image Processing
IESIP-0184 An Intelligent Mimo Hybrid Beamforming To Increase The User Based On Split The Spectrum In Wsn
IESIP-0193 An Intelligent Traffic Management System To Prioritize The Vehicles Movement In Traffic Signal For Smart Cities
IESIP-0188 Audio Signal Processing To Reduce Noise And Enhance Using Wavelet Transform
IESIP-0138 Automated Brain Tumefaction Detection And Feature Extraction With Multi Support Vector Mechine Using Ct Scan In Image Processing Techniques
IESIP-0139 Automated Bronchogenic Carcinoma Detection And Analyse The Condition Using X-Ray Or Ct Image In Matlab
IESIP-0083 Automated Enhancement And Detection Of Stripe Defects In Large Circular Weft Knitted Fabrics
IESIP-0168 Automated Fruit Grading System To Reduce Man Power And Improve Quality In Industries
IESIP-0115 Automated Screening Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Image Processing
IESIP-0070 Automated Surface Defect Detection System For Ceremic Tiles In Image Processing
IESIP-0196 Automatic Number Plate Recognition Of Vehicles To Speed Up Security Confirmation
IESIP-0186 Automatic Bird-Strike Prevention System Of An Aircraft To Avoid Accident Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0155 Automatic Detection Of Minute Scratches Of All Industrial Material Based On Image Processing
IESIP-0129 Automatic Detection Of Minute Scratches Of Industrial Material Based On Image Processing
IESIP-0103 Automatic Detection Of Traffic Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras
IESIP-0106 Automatic Dew Or Blizzard Evaluate In A Sattillite Polaroid Using Hierarchical Approach
IESIP-0183 Automatic Face Recognition For Security And College Attendance Applications In Matlab
IESIP-0170 Automatic Fruit Classification And Counting System For Industrial Applications In Matlab
IESIP-0080 Automatic Heart Rate Detection From R R Interval Using Ecg Signal
IESIP-0076 Automatic Heart Rate Detection Using R-R Interval And Arrhythmia Classification
IESIP-0079 Automatic Heart Rate Detection Using R-R Interval And Arrhythmia Classification For Therapeutic Application
IESIP-0198 Automatic Identification Of Fabric Defects In Textile Industries Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0185 Automatic Seed Purity System To Remove Impurities Based On Image Recognition Using Matlab
IESIP-0182 Automatic Traffic Management System On Traffic Signal Using Video Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0178 Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Detection System For Toll Management Using Morphological Operations In Matlab
IESIP-0161 Avoid Vehicle Maintenance Continuously Using Image Processing For Pothole Detecting
IESIP-0135 Biennial Health Monitoring Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0101 Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement And Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion For Nighttime Vehicle Detection
IESIP-0128 Bird-Strike Prevention System Of An Aircraft Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0075 Brain Carcinoma With Automated Feature Extraction Using Image Processing Techniques
IESIP-0162 Bronchogenic Carcenoma Detection Using Ct Scan And Analysis Various Performance With Different Algorithm
IESIP-0081 Bronchogenic Carcinoma And Get Condition Result Using X-Ray Image In Matlab
IESIP-0084 Cartoon And Texture Decomposition For Fabric Images Based Color Transfer
IESIP-0088 Chroma - Based Segmentation Of Sky/Cloud Images Using Ground-Based Cameras
IESIP-0141 Cloth Defects Detection Using Large Circular Weft Knitted And Normal Fabrics In Image Processing
IESIP-0085 Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning For Face Recognition
IESIP-0089 Contrast Enhancement Based On Intrinsic Image Decomposition
IESIP-0125 Corrosion Detection In Petroleum Pipeline Using Image Processing
IESIP-0086 Deep Representation Based Feature Extraction And Recovering The Finger-Vein For Personal Verification
IESIP-0149 Dehazing And Improved Screening Of Diabetic Retinopathy To Avoid Vision Problem Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0174 Detecting ,Tracking And Counting Fish In Underwater Videos To Save Fisherman Time And Increase Profit
IESIP-0093 Detecting Morphological Filtering Of Binary Images
IESIP-0164 Detection Of Black Coffee Beans For Quality And Industrial Profit Improvement Using Image Processing
IESIP-0105 Detection Of Fake Currency Based An Image Approach
IESIP-0163 Detection Of Faulty Solar Panels Based On Hotspot Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0195 Detection Of Leaf Health To Increase The Crop Yield Rate In Agriculture Field Using Segmentation And Feature Extraction
IESIP-0116 Detection Of Pests Using Sound Signal Processing Methods For Agriculture Land
IESIP-0194 Diagnosis And Classification Of Brain Carcinoma To Increase The Survival Rate Of Patients Using Digital Image Processing
IESIP-0160 Digital Image Processing Technique For Leaf Disease Detection And Suggest Fertilizer Using Mem And Svm Algorithm In Matlab
IESIP-0171 Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Eye States In Image Processing
IESIP-0110 Early Stage Disease Diagnosis System Using Human Nail In Image Processing
IESIP-0118 Early Stage Of All Disease Diagnosis & Security Application Using Iris Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0151 Early Stage Of All Disease Diagnosis System And Security Application Using Scanned Iris Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0112 Eeg Analysis And Classification For Abnormality Detection Of Brain
IESIP-0146 Eeg Analysis And Classification For Abnormality Detection Of Brain
IESIP-0136 Efficient Deblurring Method For Satellite Image In Matlab
IESIP-0113 Emg Signal Analysis And Detect Abnormalities In Matlab
IESIP-0159 Enhancement Of Historical Documents By Image Processing Techniques In Matlab
IESIP-0102 Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information
IESIP-0199 Face Detection Approach To Improve The Security Of Atm's Using Matlab
IESIP-0099 Face Recognition From Largest Matching Areas And Small Feartures
IESIP-0121 Facial Feature Extractions For Pain Detection Using Image In Matlab
IESIP-0179 Fertilizer Recommendation Using Pest Images To Increase Crop Yield In Agriculture Using Image Processing
IESIP-0153 Fetal And Mother's Ecg Noise Signal Removal Using Different Filters To Detect The Heart Rate In Matlab
IESIP-0091 For Improving Healthcare Using Facial-Expression In Matlab
IESIP-0104 Foreground Time-Spatial Images For Counting Vehicles In Urban Traffic Scenes
IESIP-0189 Forest Fire Detection
IESIP-0087 Fusion Of Ct And Mri Image Based On Haar Wavelet Transformation
IESIP-0123 Genetic Algorithm Using Optimization
IESIP-0187 Hand Gesture Sign Recognition Using Geometrical Value Of Hand To Control Home Appliances Using Python
IESIP-0108 Heart Beat Rate Measuring Using Ballistocardiography Based On Video
IESIP-0169 Human Emotions Detection Using Eeg Signal
IESIP-0154 Identifcation Of An Animal Species From An Animal Footprint To Avoid Entering In To The Human Dwelling Place Using Image Processing
IESIP-0127 Identification Of An Animal Species From An Animal Footprint Using Image Processing
IESIP-0114 Image Processing Of Panoramic Dental X-Ray For Identifying Proximal Caries
IESIP-0148 Image Processing Of Panoramic Dental X-Ray For Identify And Avoid To Spread Proximal Caries
IESIP-0191 Image Processing Towards Evaluating The Malignancy Of Lung Cancer From Ct/X Ray Images Using Segmentation In Matlab
IESIP-0166 Image Retrieval From Database Using Un-Supervised Method
IESIP-0120 Intelligent Home Appliences Control By Dissable Person Using Eog Signal In Matlab
IESIP-0072 Intrinsic Tissue Oxygenation And Perfusion From Rgb Image Using Bayesian Estimation
IESIP-0145 Kidney Stone Detection Based On X-Ray Image And Extracted Features For Abnormality Analysis Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0098 Learning Correspondence Structures For Person Re-Identification
IESIP-0094 Learning Spatio-Temporal Information For Multi-Object Tracking
IESIP-0176 Lie Detection Based On Heart Rate,Pulse Rate, Gsr ,Rep In Matlab
IESIP-0133 Liver Cirrhosis Disease Analysis Using Ct Image In Matlab
IESIP-0078 Manifold Embedding And Semantic Segmentation For Intraoperative Guidance With Hyperspectral Brain Imaging
IESIP-0074 Mapping Human Settlements And Population At Country Scale From Vhr Images
IESIP-0147 Measurement Of Human Muscle Conduction Velocity In Motor Nerves Using Emg Signal
IESIP-0073 Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Intelligent Un Obstructive Multisensory Mirror Enhanced For Well Being Status, Self Assessment And Visualisation
IESIP-0152 Missile Burst Prevention And Tracking System Using Image Processing In Matlab
IESIP-0156 Multiple Face Tracking Of Sound Detection Of Image Surveillance In Image Processing For Predict Accidents In Roadways
IESIP-0130 Multiple Tracking Of Sound Detection And Image Surveillance In Image Processing For Predict Accidents In Roadways
IESIP-0096 Neighborhood Matching For Image Retrieval
IESIP-0158 Network Area Energy Improvement And Security For Wireless Sensor Networks To Reduce Errors Using Leach Protocol In Matlab
IESIP-0100 Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based On Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement And Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion
IESIP-0117 Oil Spill Detection Using Satellite Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0150 Oil Spill Detection To Avoid Ocean Pollution Using Satellite Image In Image Processing
IESIP-0126 Performance Analysis For Fetal And Mother's Ecg Noise Signal Removal Using Different Filters In Matlab
IESIP-0111 Prediction Of Nephrolithiasis Based On Extracted Features Of X - Ray Images
IESIP-0197 Processing Of Eeg Signal To Identify The Stages Of Epilepsy Using Discrete Wavelet Transform In Matlab
IESIP-0144 Real Time Early Stage Of All Disease Diagnosis System Using Human Nail Image Processing
IESIP-0142 Real Time Finger Vein Detection To Get Database For Personal Identification In Matlab
IESIP-0167 Real Time Video-Based Motion Detection For Security By Changing The Parameters Of The Camera System
IESIP-0165 Retrieval Multilabel Remote Sensing Images From Database Using Knn And Svm For Performance Analysis
IESIP-0192 Robust Implementation Of Facial Recognition System For Safety And Attendance Applications Using Image Processing
IESIP-0180 Screen Control System Using Robotics In Matlab
IESIP-0173 Secured Atm Door Open Based On Face Detection To Avoid Robberies
IESIP-0090 Simultaneous Feature And Dictionary Learning For Image Set Based Face Recognition
IESIP-0140 The Real Time Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease Using Portable Ecg Electrodes In Matlab
IESIP-0177 To Maximise The Rate In Multiple-Input– Multiple-Output-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems Using Successive Convex Approximation
IESIP-0095 Unconstrained Facial Beauty Prediction Based On Multi-Scale K-Means*
IESIP-0069 Volume Topography Static Imaging Of Electrical Capacitance Using Compressive Sensing With L1 Sparse Recovery
IESIP-0092 Weak Classifier For Density Estimation In Eye Localization And Tracking
IESIP-0082 Wearable Ecg Electrodes For Detection Of Heart Rate And Arrhythmia Classification
IESEMA-0062 A Low Cost Single-Phase To Three-Phase Power Converter For Low-Power Motor Drive Applications
IESEMA-0057 A Modular Active Front-End Rectifier With Electronic Phase-Shifting For Harmonic Mitigation In Motor Drive Applications
IESEMA-0072 A Transformerless High Gain Switched-Inductor Switched-Capacitor Cuk Converter In Step-Up Mode
IESEMA-0074 An Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Based On Zeta Converter Fed From A Pv Array
IESEMA-0078 Ann Based Induction Motor Control System In Five Level Multi Level Inverter
IESEMA-0077 Brushless Dc Motor Powered By Solar Energy Using High Step Up Converter
IESEMA-0067 Comparison On Luo And Ultra Luo Converter For Power Factor Correction In Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0049 Design And Experimental Implementation Of Discrete Duty-Cycle-Control Method For Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives With Model Predictive Solution
IESEMA-0043 Design Of A New Switched Stator Bldc Drive To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of An Electric Vehicle
IESEMA-0064 Developing Electric Drive With Adaptive Algorithm For Soft Switching Between Frequency Converter And Three-Phase Mains
IESEMA-0079 Digital Control Strategy For Back Emf Control Of Three Phase Bldc Motor With Reduced Torque Ripple By Using Neuro Fuzzy Algorithm
IESEMA-0081 Enchanced Ky Converter With Bridge Less Topology
IESEMA-0083 Fault Identification In Three Phase Induction Motor Using Artificial Intelligence
IESEMA-0056 Fault-Tolerant Electric Drive And Space-Phasor Modulation Of Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine For Aerospace Application
IESEMA-0054 Fault-Tolerant Inverter For Sensorless Bldc Drives Using Fast Fourier Transform Method
IESEMA-0050 Generalized Dtc Strategy For Multilevel Inverter Fed Im With Constant Inverter Switching Frequency For Automotive Applications
IESEMA-0070 High Power Factor Converter For Led Drivers Based On Isolated Cuk Topology
IESEMA-0075 Implement And Analysis The Motor Generator Coupled With Gear And Gearless System
IESEMA-0080 Implement The Buck–Boost Converter Combining Ky And Buck Converters
IESEMA-0068 Implementation Of A Fuzzy Logic Controller For A Bldc Motor
IESEMA-0086 Implementation Of Active Common Mode Filter For Induction Motor Driver Fed Three Phase Inverter
IESEMA-0051 Implementation Of Landsman Converter For Power Factor Converter For Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0052 Implementation Of Speed Control Of Bldc Motor Using Fast Fourier Transform Method
IESEMA-0088 Improve The Performance And Control Technique Of Ac Induction Motor Using Model Predictive Algorithm
IESEMA-0058 Low Cost High Efficiency Solar Three Phase Induction Motor
IESEMA-0066 Modeling And Evaluation Of Modified Sepic Converter Fed Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0063 Photovoltaic Pumping System Using Svpwm Based Induction Motor Drive With A High Gain Converter
IESEMA-0069 Power Factor Correction Based Hybrid Resonance Pwm Fed Bldc Drive
IESEMA-0053 Power Factor Correction In Cuk-Sepic Based Dual Output Converter Fed Bldc Motor
IESEMA-0065 Pv-Hess Fed Bldc Driven Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter
IESEMA-0059 Quasi Z Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive
IESEMA-0087 Reduction Of Current Ripple And Fault Tolerance In Induction Motors For Electrical Vehicle Application
IESEMA-0071 Regenerative Braking Of Bldc Motor Using Fuzzy Control For Electric Vehicles
IESEMA-0084 Speed Control Of Bldc Motor With Four Switch Inverter By Smc
IESEMA-0085 Speed Control Of Switched Reluctance Motor With Artificial Neural Network
IESEMA-0082 Speed Control Of Three Phase Bldc Motor By Fractional-Order Pid Control
IESEMA-0060 Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor By Using Voice Command Via Bluetooth
IESEMA-0073 Steady State Analysis Of Dual Switched Boost Inverter
IESEMA-0055 Universal Restart Strategy For Scalar (V/F) Controlled Induction Machines
IESEM-0205 A Compact Automated Intravenous Fluid Control Device For Medical Application
IESEM-0426 A Development Of Squad Robot For Bomb Detection Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0436 A Elegant Wrap System For Muslims With Vocal And Discernible Aware System
IESEM-0417 A Forward & Reverse Rotation Of An Motor Using Arduino Enhanced With Bluetooth Communication
IESEM-0280 A Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor Using Reflected Impulses
IESEM-0226 A Handheld Two Way Transceiver Technique To Monitor The Cardiac For Fire Fighter
IESEM-0244 A Latest System For Automatic Notification And Severity Estimation Of Automotive Accidents On Road Using High Speed Wireless Communication Modules
IESEM-0469 A Module Reduces The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Enhanced With Esp8266
IESEM-0481 A Monitoring System For Water Level And Water Quality Using Iot Technology
IESEM-0230 A New Method For Automatic Vehicle License Plate Detection
IESEM-0204 A Novel Trolley For Shopping, Billing And Guidance In Supermarket Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0471 A Power Grid Selection From Multiple Power Sources To Improve The Usage Of Renewable Energy Resources Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0251 A Real Time Street Lighting Monitoring And Control System Enhanced With Arm7
IESEM-0260 A Real-Time Flood Alert System For Parking Lots Using Arduino
IESEM-0314 A Real-Time Multi Level Vehicle Parking And Flood Alert System For Parking Lots Enhanced With Internet Of Things (Iot)
IESEM-0462 A Self-Cleaning Solar System Of The Household Micro-Grid Application
IESEM-0211 A Smart Alert System For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitoring Enhanced With Android Application
IESEM-0261 A Smart Meter Design And Implementation Using Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network In Smart Grid
IESEM-0192 A Smart Rug System For Muslims With Vocal And Visual Alert System (Vvas)
IESEM-0271 A System For Monitoring Hand Hygiene Compliance Based-On Internet-Of-Things
IESEM-0466 A Traffic Light Mangement System For Emergency Vehicle Through Wireless Communication
IESEM-0196 A Vigilance System For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Enhanced With Stand-Alone Wireless Module
IESEM-0201 Aadhar Based Electronic Voting System And Providing Authentication Enhanced With Internet Of Things (Iot)
IESEM-0482 Advanced Child Tracking System For Safety Measure Using Gps And Gsm
IESEM-0219 Advanced Vehicle Tracking System With Cloud Based Geo-Position Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0266 Agricultural Crop Monitoring Using Iot- A Study
IESEM-0459 Agriculture Crops Monitoring Using Sensors In Embedded System
IESEM-0509 Agriculture Irrigation Water Demand Forecasting Using Lora Technology
IESEM-0320 Ambulance Controlled Traffic System Using Rfid Technology With Labview Simulation
IESEM-0429 An Arm Robot Used For The Collection Of Debris Enhanced By Open Cv
IESEM-0488 An Automated Electricity Bill Prediction Based On Daily Demand Enhanced By Android
IESEM-0415 An Automated Real Time Bottle Filling System Based On Vision Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0265 An Autonomous Wireless Body Area Network Implementation Towards Iot Connected Healthcare Applications
IESEM-0274 An Improvement Method Of Construction Management Process For Water Barrel Based On Internet Of Things
IESEM-0487 An Innovative Non-Intrusive Driver Assistance System For Vital Signal Monitoring
IESEM-0433 An Inspecting The Quality If Water And Dual Mode Control Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0348 An Integrated Smart System For Accident - Avoidance In Four Wheelers Via Iot
IESEM-0494 An Iot Based Smart Industrial Monitoring And Prior Intimation To The Humans
IESEM-0245 An Ubn (Urban Bus Navigation System) And Embodying Ideas For Urban Bus Riders Using Internet Of Things